Many people are concerned during a divorce action about whether their spouse is being completely honest and whether he or she may be hiding assets.  In a divorce case, within the first 40 days, each party must make a complete financial disclosure.  They have to give each other copies of bank records, charge card records, retirement account records as well as a complete financial affidavit outlining his or her income and provide income statements and tax returns listing all of the expenses, assets and debts.  If after receiving this information a party still thinks that the spouse is hiding assets, he or she may retain the services of a forensic accountant to look into whether there are any other accounts in the spouses name in the Denver Metropolitan area.  Tax records can be examined to determine if there are investment accounts that have paid dividends in recent past.  An experienced Family Law attorney knows a lot of ways to determine whether there are hidden assets the spouse has attempted to conceal.