The Difference
It is like your life has been shipwrecked and you are awash in a choppy sea. Every divorce firm will come get you with a life boat (well, some will just toss you a life preserver) and they will head toward a safe harbor. 

What is the difference between our 40 year, small, dedicated family law firm and the others? 
Startups may want to care about you and your family, but frankly they are still learning. Giant firms are more interested in billable attorney hours rather than affordable paralegal hours.

Attack Dog Strategies

Giant firms and 'attack dog' lawyers will promise you they will sink your spouse's boat - but in fact, judges have shown they care very little for that kind of behavoir. You won't find that out until you hear the judge tell your attorney to behave. 
That kind of attorney will shrug their shoulders and say they tried. But that strategy doesn't work with the seasoned and sophisticated Colorado judges & magistrates. 


Our Rolodex is a Treasure Chest
Here is the big difference: once you get in sight of shore, the startup firms and the giants will point you in the direction of the island. They will tell you to swim hard, stay positive. 
Our firm will row you all the way to shore. We will help you build the hut to keep you and the kids out of the rain; help you build the fire to bring hope to the night and keep you warm. We will help you make starting over easier. 

You will need help with real estate (selling and buying), a new banker, perhaps a new car; help changing schools, changing your will, insurance and beneficiaries, and counselling for you and the kids. As we go through the process we will learn everything about your situation, so we will know exactly what you need and make it available to you.

And we will keep an eye out for your signal fire in case you need us to come back. If and when you are ready, we will even help you remarry. That is the difference between the 40 year, small, dedicated Larry Leach Family Law firm and the rest.