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With all of the resources available to the modern couple seeking to amicably divorce (including forms, counseling, therapy) many such couples are choosing 'Do it yourself' or 'Pro Se' (meaning representing yourself).  The State of Colorado is in the vanguard of state governments that acknowledge these rights and have codified it into state law; if you are Pro Se then your are lucky to live in Colorado.

Specifically, the State of Colorado recently approved Limited Engagement which means that instead of writing a check for $10,000 to start a divorce and then paying two or three times that by the time you are done, the State of Colorado acknowledges that you do not have to let a floor of lawyers and paralegals 'run the show' (where you are just a passenger). In other words, you can drive and just get exactly what piece you need. If you discover you need another piece later then just add that. It is like ordering a la carte instead of being forced to order the 12 course meal.

We at Larry Leach and Associates have long championed helping families achieve their needs at the lowest cost without making mistakes that show up months or years later.  To help support this effort we have all the forms you need (click here) for free and two new programs for 2018-2019: Paralegal Assist and Limited Engagement.  In both of these programs you do not need to let the law firm 'drive'; rather you remain in charge.

Paralegal Assist

Paralegal Assist means that you get Senior Family Law Paralegal assistance only on the item or items that you need at a flat hourly rate. Most people do not realize that 80% of Family Law work is done by Paralegals (even though many firms bill these things at full attorney rates which contribute to the high cost of divorce).

Let says that you both have filled out the Parenting Time or Financial Affidavit and you think you have all the t's crossed and the i's dotted but have heard than once filed it is 'set in stone' (very hard or expensive to change later), so you just want a second set of eyes to check your work, make sure you understood what a particular section or question means, that it complies with current 2018 statues and you haven't left anything out (or included things you need not include). Paralegal Assist is your answer.

Limited Engagement

Sometimes you really want an attorney and her or his deep knowledge of the law, the court in your district, the magistrates or judges but you only want to use them for one or two specific things. Prior to the State of Colorado approval of Limited Engagement, you did not have a choice: you either did the whole thing yourself (and had to bear all the risks and consequences of any mistakes) or you handed everything over to a law firm.

With Limited Engagement you can now get just what you want or need and nothing more. You get the benefit of deep, multi-decade experience and knowledge but the attorney does not represent you - you represent you; you just get the review, the filing, the petition, etc. that you want done. Save time, save money, stay in charge. Need some other thing later? Do another specific Limited Enegagement for that.


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