Get only the Help You Want

After practicing Family Law for over 40 years, Larry Leach is pleased to offer a new option to people who need legal assistance in this area of law.  Whether it is a Divorce or a Step-Parent Adoption or an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities or Child Support matter or a Modification of existing court orders, or a Simple Will  there are some people who feel comfortable with a “Do It Yourself” approach.  These individuals do not want to spend thousands of dollars to move through the court system.  Yet these individuals also want to make certain that certain documents are prepared correctly and at times need some coaching in terms of procedural content.  

Changes to Colorado Law permit Larry to offer a new program referred to as “Unbundled Services” or “Limited Engagement” or “Paralegal Assist”.   Simply put this is a new program that allows individuals to retain the services of the law firm on an as needed basis to move through the court action.  In most cases, the end result is a significant reduction in cost and stress.  If you qualify for this program, you decide how much (or how little) legal assistance you need. 

The table below highlights some of the differences between our Paralegal Assist Program and Full Representation.  The best part is, if you do qualify for participation in this program and for whatever reasons, the situation changes and as a result you do need Full Representation, you do not need to start over from the beginning or move to a different law firm.  We simply amend your Engagement Agreement to address the additional needs and you continue to move forward without interruption.

save money on pro se without mistakes

We are very excited about this program and think it long overdue in our legal system.  When you have the time, please give us a call and we can discuss your personal situation confidentially and determine whether you may be a fit for the Paralegal Assist Program.