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Your position is unique. Sometimes you need an attorney to represent you. Sometimes you do not. However, in all circumstances you need to understand the legal process. We will explain the process to you in layman's terms as it applies to you. 

We will also give you our honest opinion of whether or not you need to be represented by an attorney. There are situations where it is not necessary for you to hire a lawyer. In such cases, we will direct you to on-line sites for the State of Colorado so you can access appropriate forms. We will refer you to a Family Law Mediator who can help you complete the forms and guide you through the process. We have collected most of the information you may need on our Legal Forms Page, where you will find the Complete list of all Domestic Forms, downloadable in Word, Excel and PDF formats.

That said, representing yourself (called 'pro se') can be a dangerous, expensive and damaging mistake. Too often in an effort to save money, an attorney is not retained. Unfortunately, in most cases, the cleanup costs to change Court Orders for the person who was not represented by counsel far exceed what that individual would have paid to be represented in the first place. 

It is the policy of our firm to never escalate costs. We attempt to resolve disputes and minimize conflict between the parties in order to reduce legal fees. In addition there are actions you can take to minimize legal fees when you need to be represented by an attorney. It is important for you to understand the divorce process and this is best illustrated in the JDF 1096 Flowchart for Divorce with Children

Our dedicated attorneys, paralegals, assistants and staff will fiercely champion your interests while always being open to the best way of achieving them. Here you will see and feel the difference that caring and talented individuals can make. 

Neither attorney nor staff is hired until they have adequate experience and understanding. They are then mentored to embrace the standards of excellence for which our firm stands. Our expert paralegals have unparalleled experience spanning decades in the Colorado courts. 

We know the legal system can be confusing and intimidating. Understanding the legal process eliminates a great many unnecessary fears. Knowledge is power and we continually strive to help you with guidance and explanations. 

We will ask you to make decisions only after we are certain you have a realistic expectation of the likely outcome. We will never give you a false sense of the end result and although we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, our experience in the courtroom since 1973 allows us to give you a very good idea of best case and worst case scenarios. Having this information will allow you to make decisions realistically and confidently. 

Call our HELPLINE at 303-409-3561 for a confidential, person-to-person consultation at no cost.


WE have both Attorney Mediators (known and respected among the courts and law firms) and credentialed, non-attorney mediators. Sometimes the court will require you to 'go through mediation' before they agree to act on your case. Other times you may wish to avoid the high cost of attorney battling attorney, particularly if your issue is not contested. Since the cost of legal action is proportional to the animosity of the parties (the more the parties want to 'take it out on the other one' the more both can expect to pay in attorney's fees. We are aware of this and sensitive to it. Call PAtti at 303 409 3561 to discuss, and if you like, schedule a mediation.


Managing or planning about your assets (which is called 'your estate') is called estate planning. If you have an estate (property, investments, stocks, bonds, etc.) worth millions we will be glad to refer you to some of the very best Estate Planning law firms that we are priveleged to work with. But if you have had a life change (a divorce, marriage, separation), a significant health change, or if your family has shrunk or grown, then we can provide you with excellent, basic, personalized, attorney (not robot) reviewed and approved critical 'must have' documents. 
There are two 'main groups' of documents you need. Will and Disability Documents. Even though online 'simple wills' may seem like a good idea, there is a difference when it counts between seeing a robot attorney and seeing a real attorney. A simple will is exactly what it sounds like. A will specifies your wishes with respect to your assets should you perish. Disability Documents are vital because if you are seriously injured or become incapacitated, these direct everyone to obey whomever you specify (instead of friends and family being told, "I'm sorry but I cannot tell you anything" or "The patient may have told you that but with a Medical POA I cannot obey it").

Our service includes us sending copies of the documents to whomever you designate for each as well as giving you little jump drives that you can give your family. We can also, if you like, encrypt your documents into military grade protected cloud (in case everyone loses everything or forgets where they put it) so they can access it when needed.

All of this is included in our simple, value priced fee. Please call for a free consultation and find out how quick, easy and inexpensive it is to eliminate this headache and worry forever.

  • Simple Will

  • Disability Docs

  • Hippa Release - who is allowed to talk to your doctor and understand your medical situation

  • Living Will - this document gives direction to your medical team in the event you become incapacitated

  • Medical POA - this is a Medical Power of Attorney that allows whomever you designate to make medical decisions (only) if you become incapacitated

  • Financial POA - this allows someone you designate to temporarily have the authority to pay bills, access bank and credit card accounts and the like - again, in the event you become incapacitated.

Estate Planning


Call this number, 303 409 m3561 immediately after being arrested or charged. You have constitutional rights in Colorado which every good, experienced attorney can defend; arriving at a settlement with the prosecution and keeping you out of jail depends on decades of Colorado experience in negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, litigation. Your consultation is free.

  • DUI defense

  • Drug charges

  • Violent crime charges

  • Domestic violence accusations

  • Sex violations

  • Theft crimes

  • White collar charges

  • Traffic violations

  • Other felonies and misdemeanors

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