Real Family Law

Real family law looks at your real family past, present and future. While many transactional attorneys just 'complete the minimum necessary' to be 'done', having served families in Colorado for over 40 years we look beyond this for you.

Not only do we help you identify all your assets and debts, highlight all your contributions both financial and material to the marriage, but we also look to the future.

This can mean different things depending on what you are doing. For example if you created a Child Support Agreement some years back, we check to see if the changing laws or your spouse's changing income should mandate an increase in your Child Support.

If you have weighed the options, made the efforts and decided that a divorce is what is the healthiest option for you and possibly your dependant children, then we will execute that process on your behalf (better than almost anyone else in town) but also remind and help you with changing out your beneficiary statements, your financial and medical powers of attorney; we will even help you craft a new simple will. Because you probably do not want someone you no longer trust to have the ultimate say about your finances and medical decisions. Few other Family Law Firms do this - it is one of the ways we are different.  

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