Major Family Law Changes for 2019-2020

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The legislature made very significant changes to many aspect of Family Law which went into effect July 1, 2019 (or will go into effect July 1, 2020). These include:

  • Extending court jurisdiction for vulnerable youth

  • Parent who petitions to reinstate rights is entitled to appointed counsel

  • Parent can delegate temporary care to a non-profit through a POA

  • HB 1177 Extreme Risk Protection orders if respondent poses significant risk by having or controlling, purchasing, possessing or receiving a firearm

  • Wage garnishment reduced from 25% to 20% with further reductions possible

  • Creates a Colorado CASA Program

  • 16 & 17 year olds can get married with court approval

  • Expansion of the admission of Child Hearsay

  • Inclusion of mandatory school fees in support

  • Required notification of eligibility of minor for disability and other benefits (7/1/2020)

  • Child Support Enforcement must consider federal factors when determining potential income of a parent who is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed

  • Broader scope in determining income level of contributing parent and limitations thereto

  • Income imputed for custodial parent changed from 30 months to 24 months

  • Changes to how income is imputed for a parent sentenced to incarceration for 180 days or more

  • Changes to income calculations of parent who attends post-secondary education to REQUIRE full time enrollment or part-time attendance combined with part-time employment

  • Huge reduction is basic child support for low income parents

    • $650 per month or less = $10

    • Self Support reserve increase to $1,500/month

    • Reductions in basic support where combined income is less than $3,450

  • Noncustodial parent must notify custodial parent if a child is eligible for dependent benefits based on the noncustodial parent’s retirement or disability