5 Things that are different in family law in Colorado

The court doesn't care so much about the spouses; it absolutely prioritizes kids

Colorado is not a community property state, no 50/50 division of assets and debt, We are an 'equitable division' state; the court will entertain arguments about why it shouldn't be 50/.50.

Child Support isn't something the parties 'agree to' in Colorado; there is a guideline established by State of Colorado,. In order to deviate you need to get the court's permission.

There are NEW (for 2017) maintenance laws, similar to child support guidelines, but not mandated - you should be aware of these particularly if you have an existing settlement.

There is no custody in colorado, there are parenting plans. Parenting plans are based on what is best for the children. We recommend that you create two plans, one for summer and one for the school year.