LegalMatch Partnering with Larry Leach and Associates, PC

We affiliated with LegalMatch in early 2016 and each year we happily renew our membership. Over the years we have retained the services of other competitors of LegalMatch and we have continually been very disappointed in their services. On the other hand, LegalMatch has exceeded our expectations.

LegalMatch provides us with sufficient information about the inquirer’s case to allow us to determine if we believe we can be of assistance to that person. In addition, LegalMatch gives us the opportunity to contact the inquirer by telephone and email. LegalMatch also maintains a record of the many contacts we receive in order that we may follow-up with these individuals. Many of the LegalMatch callers have become highly valued clients of our firm and some of these clients have referred friends and family members to us which is the highest compliment we can receive.

LegalMatch staff members are very responsive to suggestions we have made related to features we would appreciate being added to their site and the staff members are, without exception, always ready, willing and able to be of assistance to us whenever they can.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with any attorneys who are evaluating whether or not applying for affiliation with LegalMatch would be of benefit to their respective firm.

Our firm has been practicing Family Law since 1974 and we happily recommend LegalMatch to attorneys and users alike.