A question I am asked in every case is, "How much can I expect to spend on a divorce?"  Well, it depends on what type of issues are contested.  Attorneys typically bill on an hourly basis. My having over forty years of experience translates into efficiency: completing more work in less time. Fewer hours means lower cost. We don’t spin our wheels. We don't waste your money. 

There is a lot of repetition in family law and thus family law lends itself well to the effective use of paralegals. Paralegals can’t give legal advice or go to court but, if experienced and talented, can expertly perform many tasks at a lower fee than your attorney. Each of our paralegals have been with us for well over a decade--our paralegals are amazing!

We appreciate that legal fees are never inexpensive and we will make every effort to minimize your cost while maximizing your success. As you may already understand, contested custody and high-conflict dissolution cases are more expensive to litigate.