Do I need an attorney?

In regard to this question the philosophy Larry has developed over the course of a 40 year law career is simple:

If you don't need an attorney, please don't subtract resources from your family to hire a lawyer, however, if you need representation please hire an experienced attorney to present your case and protect your rights.

Issues of parental rights like physical and legal custody are very  serious and will impact your life and lives of your children in a significant way. Properly structuring an agreement that promotes the health and well-being of you and your children is imperative to creating a balanced healthy life. 

Often it is very obvious that you need representation. For example: 

  • your spouse has an attorney
  • there is conflict, resentment, mistrust, jealousy, or anger 
  • you disagree about what is fair

Listen to that little voice inside. You will know if you need legal representation, and if this is the case, PLEASE speak with an experienced attorney right away.  Free Legal Helpline: (303) 409-3561

When two people believe they can divorce amicably it makes sense to save money by foregoing attorneys--but not good legal advice. While Larry can only represent one party, we have many clients that take advantage of Larry's free consultation to begin the divorce process the right way: with excellent advice and an idea of what the courts would deem an equitable agreement. Do yourself a huge favor: go into the separation and divorce process with clear goals, a solid plan and real-world expectations.