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Flat Fees and Payment Plans Available

Flat Fees and Payment Plans.

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I began practicing Family Law in 1973 because I wanted to help people.  It is that simple.  After all these years, I still feel the same and to that extent I have provided a number of services that I believe are unique to the legal community especially in Family Law.  One of the major services that I offer the public is access to our Legal Helpline.   We do not charge callers to access the Helpline and we do not limit the number of calls that can be made to the Helpline.  Questions in Family Law and Real Estate Law are addressed by experts in these two areas of law.  I believe that we provide an enormous service to the public through our Legal Helpline and its existence compliments my philosophy with respect to Family Law.  Simply put, I believe that if you do not need an attorney to represent you then do not spend your money on legal fees but if you do need an attorney you best retain one to represent you as soon as you can.  There are no smoke and mirrors – the Helpline is just there to be helpful.  You can get answers to your legal questions and procedural direction through the court’s legal maze.  The goal is to offer the Helpline to individuals dealing with divorce or legal separation or adoption or custody matters or parental responsibilities actions in order to demystify the legal process and eliminate unnecessary fears in working with courts and the legal system.  Another unique contribution we make to those in need of Family Law services is the number of paralegals I have on staff and their respective experience.  Paralegals who are employed by my firm must have not less than 15 years of Family Law experience.  Most firms require 2 to 3 years of experience.  A seasoned paralegal with not less than 15 years of experience can support me in my efforts to minimize as much as possible the legal fees our clients are charged.  Many attorneys will prepare their own documents and charge their clients attorney hourly rate to do so.  I do not do this.  Because the degree of experience possessed by our paralegal staff, our clients benefit financially by being billed at the paralegal rate.  This fact alone can greatly reduce costs for the client.  In addition, although my paralegals cannot give legal advice, they are very familiar with the legal processes and can often times assist a client immediately instead of having to refer the client to me or one of my other attorneys.  In addition, I am always happy to meet with a potential client free of charge.  I believe we need to meet and I need to understand the specific situation of the potential client to determine if I believe I can be of assistance and if the potential client and I both feel that we will be able to work well together.  There have been times over the years that I have had to refuse to represent a potential client because I had no doubt in my mind that we would not work well together.   There is no value in arm wrestling with your attorney through the entire legal process.  It is frustrating for both the client and the attorney and it is best to say “good-bye” before entering into an attorney/client relationship in which you know you will not work well together.

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