One of the major concerns that parents have when they come in to start a dissolution is the safety of their children.  In a lot of instances a spouse has not been a good parent with respect to being abusive emotionally or physically towards the minor children and the other parent is concerned if that parent has visitation that is unsupervised the children will be at risk and the visitation will not be in the best interest of the minor children.  Certainly, one of the major concerns that judges have is the safety of minor children.  They are more concerned about the children than they are about the parents.  Therefore, the orders entered by courts are slanted in the direction of the safety of the minor children.  Consequently if there are reasons why a parent’s  visitation should be supervised, this must be brought to the attention of the court.  There are different levels of supervision.  There are different orders that can be entered by the court about use of alcohol and drug consumption and/or testing.  So your concerns about the safety of your children will absolutely be addressed by the court.