Can my ex-spouse relocate my children out-of-state?

Whether one parent will be allowed to remove minor children from the state is common question.  In Colorado's recent history, a parent with full custody could very easily relocate children without concern for the other parent's and/or children's desires.  Parental Responsibility Laws and the laws related to relocation have changed. Rather than a presumption that the children should go with the custodial parent, the court must now be convinced that the relocation would be in the best interest of the minor children. In other words, the parent wanting to relocate must show that the benefits to the children outweigh the loss of time with the other parent.  In fact, barring excellent reasons for the move, a non-custodial parent in Colorado, that has maintained a good relationship with their minor children, is likely able to protect them from being relocated.

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Relocation of Minor Children