I received a number of phone calls from grandparents who are concerned that they are not being allowed to have a relationship with or see their grandchildren with any frequency.  They ask me, basically, if there are any laws in Colorado that give grandparents rights to visitation.  The answer to this questions is, yes there are such laws in Colorado.  If grandparents are not being allowed to visit and there is an existing court case, dissolution of marriage or an allocation of parental responsibilities or paternity, the grandparents can request the court to allow the grandparents to intervene and the grandparents can file their own motion for grandparent visitation.  This happens a lot when one parent dies and the surviving parent does not have a good relationship with the parents of the deceased spouse and consequently the grandparents are forced to go to the court and request assistance to be able to see their grandchildren.  Most judges are of the age that they are probably grandparents or close to becoming grandparents and so there is a lot of sympathy from the courts for the grandparents in helping the grandparents maintain a good relationship with their grandchildren.