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Family Law in Colorado

Since December 1973, we have provided excellent legal services in Colorado. Whether it is divorce, separation, maintenance, or parenting plans, we know the courts, judges, and most importantly, we know the law. 

We know that if you are seeking help in family law then this is a stressful time for you and that is where our experience counts most. We treat you with respect and understand that you need explanations, not just forms; attention, not voice mail. That said, we can also help you save time and money because once you become part of our family, we give you the best of both worlds: human understanding and attention as well as superior legal advice and strategic counsel.

While no attorney or law firm can guarantee any specific result, experience counts a great deal especially in family law. We have handled over 5,000 cases in 40 years. Other firms may claim divorce can be simple and quick, but the complexity and expense can become overwhelming with an inexperienced law firm. The law firm you select should be well versed not only in Colorado State law but should have experience with your specific county and with your judge. 

Our goal is to meet your needs by exceeding your expectations. In that pursuit, we must first understand your personal circumstances. We will answer your questions in plain language specifically in relation to your situation, always with the respect you deserve. 

Your position is unique. Sometimes you need an attorney to represent you. Sometimes you do not. However, in all circumstances you need to understand the legal process. We will explain the process to you in layman's terms as it applies to you. 

We will also give you our honest opinion of whether or not you need to be represented by an attorney. There are situations where it is not necessary for you to hire a lawyer. In such cases, we will direct you to on-line sites for the State of Colorado so you can access appropriate forms. We will refer you to a Family Law Mediator who can help you complete the forms and guide you through the process. We have collected most of the information you may need on our Legal Forms Page, where you will find the Complete list of all Domestic Forms, downloadable in Word, Excel and PDF formats.

That said, representing yourself (called 'pro se') can be a dangerous, expensive and damaging mistake. Too often in an effort to save money, an attorney is not retained. Unfortunately, in most cases, the cleanup costs to change Court Orders for the person who was not represented by counsel far exceed what that individual would have paid to be represented in the first place. 

It is the policy of our firm to never escalate costs. We attempt to resolve disputes and minimize conflict between the parties in order to reduce legal fees. In addition there are actions you can take to minimize legal fees when you need to be represented by an attorney. It is important for you to understand the divorce process and this is best illustrated in the JDF 1096 Flowchart for Divorce with Children

Our dedicated attorneys, paralegals, assistants and staff will fiercely champion your interests while always being open to the best way of achieving them. Here you will see and feel the difference that caring and talented individuals can make. 

Neither attorney nor staff is hired until they have adequate experience and understanding. They are then mentored to embrace the standards of excellence for which our firm stands. Our expert paralegals have unparalleled experience spanning decades in the Colorado courts. 

We know the legal system can be confusing and intimidating. Understanding the legal process eliminates a great many unnecessary fears. Knowledge is power and we continually strive to help you with guidance and explanations. 

We will ask you to make decisions only after we are certain you have a realistic expectation of the likely outcome. We will never give you a false sense of the end result and although we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, our experience in the courtroom since 1973 allows us to give you a very good idea of best case and worst case scenarios. Having this information will allow you to make decisions realistically and confidently. 

Call our HELPLINE at 303-409-3561 for a confidential, person-to-person consultation at no cost.



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