"Does an experience attorney cost more?"

Time Truly is Money

We all want to know, "How much is this going to cost me?"  Most commonly attorneys bill on an hourly basis. On the surface it may seem that an attorney with a lower hourly rate will cost less. Don't be fooled. An excellent attorney will require far fewer hours and garner superior results. Paying for an experienced attorney will not only save you money but maximize your success. 

Efficiency is not the only way we keep costs down. We are very fortunate to have highly experienced and talented paralegals. Much of family law requires detailed clerical work. Paralegals capable of completely these tasks quickly and meticulously translates in to a significant savings to our clients. We never use attorneys to complete work that should be done by a paralegal, which means your are never billed attorney's hourly rates for this time. Much like an experienced attorney, the expertise of experienced paralegals saves significant time and thus reduces cost.